Law Office of Carol Lynn Wolfram

The Law Office of Carol Lynn Wolfram is dedicated to providing quality legal services with a personal touch at competitive rates.

Carol Lynn Wolfram has been serving clients' needs in the areas of guardianship, probate, bankruptcy, creditors' rights, fiduciary litigation, commercial and civil litigation, mediation, arbitration, consumer law, and appellate at the trial and appellate levels in both state and federal courts for more than thirty years. She has experience in arbitration proceedings as well as serving as a court appointed mediator.


 The Law Office of Carol Lynn Wolfram is conveniently located in Denton, Texas.


Areas of Practice




Creditors' Rights

Fiduciary Litigation

Commercial and Civil Litigation



Consumer Law



Ms. Wolfram has extensive experience representing wards and applicants in contested and non-contested guardianship and ancillary cases in probate court. She also handles contested and non-contested probate and ancillary cases, as well as the drafting of wills, powers of attorney, directives to physicians and designations of guardian.

Bankruptcy and Creditors' rights:

Ms. Wolfram has extensive experience representing debtors, secured creditors, unsecured creditors, and trustees in Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcy cases. She handles lift stay motions, contested claims matters, plan confirmation/objection, as well as a wide variety of bankruptcy litigation/adversary proceedings including discharge and dischargeability determinations, preference, fraudulent transfer, stay violation and other disputes. She handles state court dissolution matters as well.

Commercial/Civil Litigation:

Ms. Wolfram has extensive experience prosecuting and defending cases in state and federal court involving such issues as breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, tortious interference, deceptive trade practices/consumer protection, defamation, shareholder oppression, and lender liability.


Ms. Wolfram is a trained mediator for civil litigation and family law cases and has been mediating lawsuits for more than twenty five years.


Ms. Wolfram capably represents clients at the trial and appellate levels.